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Dome Ceiling



IPM started work on a prestigious project in Burnham, Berkshire. Their Architect provided us with a drawing for a Bathroom, which they wanted a Dome made into the ceiling. The Dome was to be 3m in diameter and 1m in depth, with a lighting trough attached to the base. The work involved, sketching the Dome profile, making ribs for the mould, spinning the Dome mould, casting the Dome in two halves.

We installed the Dome using  traditional skills, using wire and wadding, to frame the work provided, screwing to the the frame, where needed. The Dome was finished to IPM Ltd`s high standard, to the great satisfaction of the client. 


Dome Ceiling Plans











Dome Ceiling Cast




Dome Ceiling Being Installed


Plasterers Finishing off the Dome



The Finished Dome Ceiling


The Dome Ceiling Now a Feature of this Bathroom

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